3 Reasons Agents Won't Sell Hardware

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3 Reasons Agents Won't Sell Hardware

SYNNEX and ScanSource and a number of other companies would really like it if partners starting selling hardware, devices, tablets, etc.

When VADs want you to sell hardware, it was always a possibility. It takes less than an hour to signup with SYNNEX, Tech Data or Ingram. Yet what Agent wants to sell hardware? There are at least 3 reasons why Agents (traditional telecom brokers) will not sell hardware.

RMAs - returns. Dealing with hardware returns is a pain.

Billing - Agents don't have a billing system. Agents let the providers deal with install, billing and returns.

Compensation - Hardware is a one-time sale and payment and it has really Small Margins! We prefer Hardware-as-a-service with recurring revenue and providers handling the implementation.

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