Sangoma Picks Up a Distributor

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Sangoma Picks Up a Distributor

Sangoma Technologies Corporation is buying Buffalo-based VoIP Supply. VoIP Supply is a distributor of the hardware that goes with VoIP including phones, switches, headsets, et al. Apparently the privately help distributor "in fiscal 2018, will be accretive, will add over C$15m in revenue to Sangoma," according to the press release.

Sangoma is paying $3M in cash plus about another million in stock and options for VoIP Supply. It borrowed the money. If VoIP Supply is adding C$15m ($11.3M US), then the $4M price tag is pretty decent.

SYNNEX is buying Westcon-Comstor's $2.18 billion North American and Latin America businesses for as much as $830M.

Ingram bought NETXUSA for $55M upfront and $10M in earn out for $125M in revenue, according to the 10Q filing in April 2016.

Slim margins in distribution. Slim margins in hardware. The slightly bigger margins are in services.

Sangoma also purchased FreePBX/Schmooze in 2015.

Maybe the parts business of VoIP isn't enough. Maybe they need to be selling bundles, services, maintenance, etc. Maybe VoIP Supply is a good next progression after FreePBX.

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