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Dinosaur Mummy

Recently a dinosaur mummy was found in the Hell Creek Formation in North Dakota and while a dinosaur mummy has no skin – just rock, it has given scientists a fantastic look at what dinosaurs look like in real life....


We have enough important things to discuss in the world and certainly trying to disprove evolution shouldn’t be one of them. According to this article three of ten republican presidential candidates don’t believe in evolution and it is obvious our...

Birds from Dinosaurs

Apparently the concept of birds evolving from dinosaurs has gone from hypothesis to theory but scientists are at odds over whether T. rex tasted like chicken. ;-) Read the full story at

Dinosaur News

For the dinosaur enthusiasts out there, here in article talking about recent fossil finds, soft tissue finds in fossils and what this can tell us about how animals live. It seems doubtful that we will ever discover dinosaur DNA but...
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