Day: February 17, 2006

Dinosaur News

For the dinosaur enthusiasts out there, here in article talking about recent fossil finds, soft tissue finds in fossils and
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IDT and Net2phone Merge

The 28 million dollar Net2Phone/IDT merger is not really huge news but it makes you wonder why the two long-time
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Nokia Predicts Massive IMS Growth

According to this article Nokia thinks the IMS market will be huge. There are a number of reasons including the
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Rumsfeld on eBay

Rumsfeld says that terrorist groups have mastered getting media attention. The US government is well behind. Here are some direct
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Sea Levels Could Increase by 25 Meters

Greenland‘s ice caps are apparently melting at a rapid clip. Here is a story that discusses the potential problems of
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Skype Eavesdropping

It is generally assumed that Skype calls cannot be tapped and since the company uses 256 bit encryption Skype calls
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