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Evolution Understanding has Evolved

My paraphrased theory of evolution basically says DNA is passed from parent to offspring and through various mutations the offspring may be more adaptable to the changing environment, allowing them to be more apt to survive. But more recently I...

Swine Flu Evolution

If you are interested in evolution and/or swine flu, check out this well-written article which details how swine flu is evolving before our eyes to be spread between pigs and humans and then humans and humans.Those people who don't believe...

Living Forever

I just couldn't help but think that those people who want to live forever should be aware that researchers are finding that mutated DNA in the mitochondria could be the reason for many age-related diseases from those that afflict...

Dinosaur News

For the dinosaur enthusiasts out there, here in article talking about recent fossil finds, soft tissue finds in fossils and what this can tell us about how animals live. It seems doubtful that we will ever discover dinosaur DNA but...
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