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Domain Name Boom Reminds us of Dotcom Days

  Recently I was in a meeting with my team at TMC researching domain names and I was blown away at just how many were taken for seemingly every combination of terms we could think of. Many of the names...

4 Scams To Watch For This Holiday Season

Fictitious snow plow services: With the holidays and hard times upon us, it is incumbent upon all business owners and management to be aware of scams. Some of the best ones to be on the lookout for are snow plow...

What the

If you are interested in going to or better yet owning the domain name it will cost you. Saints and sinners alike started the bidding on this domain name recently but failed to reach the $2.3 million reserve required...

VoIP URLs for Feb 18, 2006

Here are some of the latest VoIP URLs. My favorite are as it makes me think of having a VoIP conversation in Starbucks over WiFi. Seems like the ones with Google in the name are just politely asking for...
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