Day: October 29, 2006

Fried Coke

Apparently Fried Coke tastes great and is more filling which is great news for those of you who were afraid
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Zultys Events

There is so much happening in the Zultys saga right now. Here is an update from this past Friday. Some
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What the

If you are interested in going to or better yet owning the domain name it will cost you. Saints
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Daylight Savings will Never be the Same

This is the last year daylight savings will take place in October. Hence forth it starts earlier and ends later.
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UAE Bans Skype

It isn’t too surprising that Skype is being outlawed in various countries such as the United Arab Emirates. The unfortunate
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I Still Think Vonage is Innovating

Even though not everyone agrees, I believe Vonage is still innovating. OK weather and traffic aren’t the most interesting applications
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