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CallMiner Makes AI-Fueled Speech Analytics a Reality

CallMiner allows organizations to extract intelligence from customer interactions,” said Scott Kendrick, VP of Marketing In an in-person interview. You may know...

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Omilia Conversational AI Expands into Cloud

Omilia is a software company focusing on customer service automation. They have an AI system commercially deployed at large scale. They handle...

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PCM Enhances Collaboration Portfolio

PCM is the 2.3 billion dollar a year organization you may not have heard of. They were once PC Mall – remember...

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Beware of New Zealand-Related Scams and Malware Campaigns

Please make note of this important warning from DHS: ---In the wake of the recent New Zealand mosque shooting, the Cybersecurity and...

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XMedius Empowers Teams with Enterprise-Grade Call Center Solution

XMedius Solutions Inc. just announced that it has made its XM TeamQ informal call center solution easier to adopt for teams...

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AT&T Launches API Marketplace

The new AT&T API Marketplace provides prepackaged code to allow companies, ISVs and others to integrate more functionality into their apps and...

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Ransomware is a Plague - Here are Some Cures

Ransomware costs corporations and individuals billions of dollars per year yet many companies seem to care about the threat after they have...

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In-Flight Phone Usage

November 17, 2005

There are several things I hope for before I get on an airplane. One, that I won't be seated between two arm-rest hogs. I also hope for basic hygiene from my seat companions, which includes restraint from engaging in any bodily function that causes smells or extraordinary noises. Third, I usually hope to avoid being seated next to an infant who has just discovered the delights of using his or her lungs and vocal chords to maximum capacity; or a small child with an upset tummy, a bad case of motion sickness and uncanny projectile aim.

Disaster Recovery

November 16, 2005

Peter Drucker

November 16, 2005

Extraterrestrial Domain Registration

November 15, 2005

Do you have all the URLs you need to properly conduct your business? Do you have your product names all covered? Do you have a better URL than your competitors?


Sony Suspends Controversial Anti-Pirating System

November 14, 2005

Efficacy Of Tin Foil Hats

November 11, 2005

Go Away, Customers

November 10, 2005

Unlimited Afterlife Minutes

November 8, 2005

CRM Builds 72,000 Sq Ft House

November 3, 2005

UK Telemarketing Fines

November 1, 2005

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