iPad, MDM and Other News

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iPad, MDM and Other News

Bandwidth.com bought DASH Carrier Services and renamed it inetwork. Apparently, inetwork is doing gangbusters in the wholesale VoIP space, the largest arbitrage space left, I would imagine. It's the new LD.  inetwork offers origination, termination, e-911, SMS and toll-free. The cool thing is the TelcoTranslator that they launched to help with all the acronyms.

Birch has bundled credit card processing with its SMB services. Smart for the retail space. They might want to add 3G/4G redundancy to that. Oh, and I sure hope that are working on PCI Compliance.

So Apple's ipad3 is out. In 4Q the iPad outsold PC's in number of units sold. TDmobility told me that the future is in mobile devices not in PC's or laptops. (Netbooks and tablets are considered mobile devices.) But what is a telecom or pharma sales force supposed to do with the iPad after they plunk down $500 a piece for 50 or 100 of them? Speaking with Jody Haneke last night, it's all about interactive apps that make the sales presentation come alive. (That's what Haneke Design does here in Tampa Bay, home of some great mobile marketing talent.)

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The big thing, according to both Haneke and Charles Kriete at TDmobility, is MDM: mobile device management. MDM involves more than just inventory tracking of mobile devices. It includes remote wipe, anti-virus, virtualization, application control and more. If there was a managed service that Agents would want to jump on early, MDM would be it. It only takes 50 or 60 phones to be worth it for a business. There is also room for just mobile security management. The threat to mobile devices is huge. Imagine a virus turning your phone into a surveillance device!

Rumor Mill: is DT bidding on EarthLink? Tata and Vodafone are bidding for Cable & Wireless.

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