Global Warming, Earth Day &... IPTV?

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Global Warming, Earth Day &... IPTV?

So it seems that global warming is responsible for much of what ails us. In fact Global Warming is getting worse and worse every day, and the best thing that we can do about it — aside from selling off our SUVs and moving to a warmer climate — is to go watch Al Gore’s new movie where he tells us that he was once the next president of the United States and that a vast right-wing conspiracy is responsible for the ill effects of carbon…
Or something like that.
Right as they might be — and the science has become so politicized it’s no longer possible to tell who’s right and who’s frankly LESS right — the shrill voices from both sides of the this argument are polarizing the fanatics and losing many people who regardless of their political viewpoints want to leave behind a better planet for their kids to inhabit.
I mean, who actually maintains as a goal on their ‘To-Do’ list to leave this place worse off for future generations?
Let me point out that for whatever reason — humanity-induced global warming or natural warming/cooling cycles of the Earth — I recognize that there is a lot wrong with our planet: We’ve overfished our oceans, polluted our water, misunderstood so much about nature and exacerbated the situation with greed, and so on. Humans are an odd bunch. We cause all this mischief, we do all this damage, and yet we are infinitely capable of coming up with a solution to right most of our wrongs. It’s within or abilities and to be honest it’s our responsibility. I still have hope for humanity — I’ve lost all hope for cod.
Didn’t mean to sail off on that tangent… what brings all of this up is actually something closer to our day-to-day tech lives.
The Earth Day Network and COMTek plan to announce the largest-ever simultaneous two-way Internet-protocol television (IPTV) broadcast that will take place this Friday. The two groups are preparing for a live video/chat presentation on global warming to 16,000 science classrooms across the United States on Friday (April 21, 2006).
I wonder if Gore will pull out his old VP joke, where he revels in his status as “Visiting Professor.” For a guy who came up with the whole Internet thing, you think he could simply Google up some new material…

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I think it is a liberal conspiracy to promote global warming as a concervative conspiracy who in turn argues that global warming is actualy a conspiracy of our Mother-Earth who apparently like to change the climate every now and then. Personally I believe it is aliens trying to show us non-Dianetics believers the true path to enlightenment. Therfore I blame Tom Cruise...

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