Customer Service Kudos for AT&T

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Customer Service Kudos for AT&T

If you’ve been following several recent conversations on you aware that Rich Tehrani had some issues with Vonage and switched to AT&T’s CallVantage service, citing — among other things — AT&T’s superior service.

In an August 10 blog entry, Tom Keating praised AT&T for their timing and for their marketing savvy in making the decision to leave the consumer long-distance business and begin offering VoIP service in earnest.

Well, I guess my colleagues are on to something.

In a press release issued yesterday, AT&T announced the results of a recent Yankee Group survey which found that AT&T achieved the number-one ranking by the Yankee Group in its Service Provider Scorecard.

AT&T's ratings were strongest in service and support, corporate reputation, technical competence, and sales and marketing.

"Some companies are transforming, others are climbing the value chain, and others are focused on executing excellent customer care. As a leading provider to the enterprise market, AT&T is advancing in each of these areas," said Bryan Van Dussen, director of telecommunications research at Yankee Group.

“AT&T is known for being an innovator in communications and a leader in serving the complex networking and technology needs of businesses — now we’re raising the bar on customer experience,” said Kathleen Flaherty, AT&T’s chief marketing officer. “The Yankee Scorecard results certainly add credence to our claim and solidify our position in the industry as the leading provider of communications services to business customers.”

The Yankee Group ranked the seven largest U.S. telecommunications companies that provide network services to the enterprise business market. In addition to the four categories mentioned above, the Yankee Group scorecard also focuses on financial performance, billing, and price. The methodology included the analysis of more than 1,000 survey evaluations (approximately 750 survey respondents) and the ranking reflects the perceptions and satisfaction of network managers.

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Good Morning,

To begin, I am a senior citizen with a one paycheck household. I phoned your customer service office a month or two ago with the sole intention of acquiring a modest monthly phone bill and ended up as I found out Saturday, 03/24/2007 with a total monthly bill of $222.00 approximately. Honey if I could afford that kind of money per month on a phone bill, combination internet bill, don’t you know I would be living next door to H.L. Hunt or Ebby Holliday. Then to top it all off, I see that you can get regular phone service for $26.00 to $39.00 and DSL for $14.95. I need some help here and I do not mean help into the poor house. I fully intend to pay what I owe, but I cannot do this kind of money on a monthly basis. At no time during the conversation was $222.00 per month mentioned.

When I pay this off, what can you offer in the way of regular phone with caller ID and DSL internet under $50.00/$60.00 per month?

Best Regards,

Shirl Credit

Office of Procurement

International Contracting Branch, Dallas


Email: [email protected]

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