Lingo Goes Worldwide

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Lingo Goes Worldwide

Lingo , the U.S. Internet broadband phone service introduced by Primus Telecommunications, Inc., in June, announced today that they will offer customers the opportunity to select international telephone numbers from cities in 12 international countries for their broadband phone service.

When a U.S. Lingo customer selects a number from an available country for their service, their family, friends, and business associates in that country can call the Lingo customer on that number at the price of an in-country local call.

These numbers, referred to as Lingo “International Universal Numbers,” allow a customer, for example, to add a local Paris or Sao Paolo phone number to their Lingo service, even though their primary home or business office is actually located in a New York. Callers in the international location(s) can then dial that number from their phone to reach the Lingo customer – at the cost of a local call.

Lingo customers currently may sign up online for two phone numbers on their Lingo phone line. They have the opportunity to keep their existing phone number, or may select from a broad range of phone numbers in over 220 U.S. area codes.

The International Universal Numbers are available in the following countries/cities:

Australia/Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney
Brazil/Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro
Guatemala/Guatemala City
Hong Kong
Italy/Milan, Rome
Puerto Rico/Caparra (San Juan)
South Korea/National, Seoul

According to Jon Arnold, VoIP Program Director at Frost & Sullivan, “Adding international phone numbers is a natural extension for Lingo, as it builds on Primus's global voice network. Primus already has extensive reach into markets outside North America, and by offering phone numbers in major centers such as London, Paris and Tokyo, Lingo truly becomes a global product, with a strong value proposition for anyone with international voice communication needs."

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