Month: March 2008

Google API for Calendar and Contacts

In case you missed it, Google is opening up a great deal allowing other applications to sync with their calendar
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Fred Goldstein on Net Neutrality

Just when you thought you knew everything you need to know about the net neutrality debate and the controversy involving
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In a sign that competing with Google in search is very difficult to do, recently announced that they will
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White House E-mail Controversy

I just came across this summary of the White House missing e-mail fiasco and I am pretty blown away at
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AT&T’s Bullish Investment

AT&T is making a major telecom investment in many areas of its business. The telecom giant cites the explosion of
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The Self-Fulfilling Recession

In my discussions with the people who run tech companies, for the most part they tell me they are lowering
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Shark Deterrent Product Eaten by Shark

It is not every day that your anti-shark device gets eaten by a great white shark. Experts think the reason
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Steve Jobs Can be Proud ;-)

How would you like to be responsible for creating something so popular that it actually moves the needle on crime
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TMCnet’s New Vertical Communities

Over the past decade, TMCnet has become the accepted resource for news, product research and analysis in communications and technology
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Podcast: Joel Hackney, Nortel

If you want some great perspective on Nortel’s recent earnings as well as information on which areas of Nortel are
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