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Dextr has always had a “directory” service that enabled agents to transfer callers in and out of the Amazon Connect instance, typically to the company PBX. Dextr now makes it possible to add contacts to the Directory system that can be shared with the entire call center as a “quick connect”! Just add the contact to the Directory system and it is shared with all other agents and is automatically added to Amazon Connect as a quick connect.   Anyone that has deployed Amazon Connect knows that you have to assign quick connects for each queue.   Dextr eliminates this painful step and there is no need to log into Amazon Connect, you can create the contact right in your Dextr Agent dashboard, mark it Global and it is shared with all the Agents in the Call Center!


Dial, Transfer or Conference

All Contacts in your Directory now show up as Quick Connects when you go to transfer an active phone call.   Contacts marked as GLOBAL, are shared through the Directory system of all other agents in your Amazon Connect instance and are added to the Quick Connect list.   Contacts in your Directory can be used to call, transfer or initiate a conference call!


In addition to the “disposition codes” that can easily be configured in an Dextr Agent dashboard, each incoming call brings up a Note Pad.   The Note Pad shows all previous notes added by all agents in the call center to that caller ID.   These notes are searchable and can also be integrated to pass content to your favorite CRM.


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