CPNI Training

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CPNI Training

CPNI Training is an FCC requirement. AT&T stuffs this training down the throats of its agents annually. And when their is a computer glitch, twice a year.

While it is strictly applied to agents, internally CPNI is a joke for an ILEC. How else can they know that a customer has DSL with a wholesale ISP? Or that a contract with a wholesale client will expire soon? These are just some of the examples of CPNI infringement over the last couple of years.

I can't tell you how many times this has happened:

ILEC tech is at the customer premise to repair a CLEC or ISP transport service (DSL, frame, T1, Metro E) and tells the customer that they wouldn't have this problem if they went with the ILEC directly! Hello?! That's in violation -- and it almost admits that the ILEC messes with its wholesale customers.

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