Why PR Is Important

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Why PR Is Important

On a call today talking about the value of different CLEC's and ILEC's and why some are trading so low and some so high. For the most part, it comes down to Wall Street's perception of the business. Actually, a large part is what the stock traders think the business is.

For example, Cincinnati Bell is an ILEC with declining wireline revenues like  Frontier, Fairpoint and TDS. Like TDS, CinBell has been buying up data centers. Via acquisitions and the public relations that goes with those actions, CinBell is changing the way Wall Street looks at their firm.

Public relations plays a big part in stock price, especially when you consider that most people have very little idea about the World of Telecom. Throw in cable and cloud and you have confused not just Wall Street, but even people in our own Industry.

When I work with master agencies and service providers on their online marketing strategy, the discussion is generally around, "How do we make what you do concrete and easy to understand?" or "How do we tell a story that describes it picture perfect so that it can be repeated?"

To take that another step, PR is about who your clients are, who your employees are, and who the company is (in terms of the marketplace). With so many CLEC's, VoIP Providers and Cloud companies, PR is one way to differentiate yourself. For example, if you close a deal with a school system, a government agency, a retail chain, you want to describe that sale - who, what they bought, the benefits of the purchase, and maybe why they bought from you. Like a mini case study.

If you look at something like a softswitch manufacturer, you can tell from analyst calls that Wall Street doesn't really have a handle on what they do - mainly software licensing.  And because of all the hype with Cloud, cloud stocks are doing well despite most folks not knowing what the heck the cloud is! Amazing isn't it?

One last point: PR helps telcos out because the PR machine props up the stock price which in turn lowers their debt payments which can be tied to a stock price (or other financial metric).

There are a few avenues for PR: press releases, case studies, social media, executives speaking at conferences, media interviews, and more. So many ways to get the message out and yet so few do it (well).

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