WOW! to acquire Knology

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WOW! to acquire Knology

More cable consolidation. Southeastern Knology is being acquired by WOW!, WideOpenWest LLC for about $1.5B with debt.

"The acquisition increases WideOpenWest's customer base and will help give the operator more leverage in programming contract discussions with content providers." This statement makes sense - scale and scale.

"WOW is paying about $1,875 per customer relationship," according to Bloomberg.

"The combined entity will have over 800,000 customers, and its products and services will be available to more than 2.8 million households in 13 states," according to the press release.

Knology offers Hosted PBX and Knology Matrix, our fully-managed direct-to-the-desktop solution (which looks just like Hosted PBX.)

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