Birch Grabs Another Small CLEC

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Birch Grabs Another Small CLEC

Birch is expanding in the Greater Tampa Bay market with its acquisition of Daystar. Birch recently completed its acquisition of AstroTel, who I was an agent for. Daystar was a facilities-based CLEC based just south of Sarasota, with a customer base from Tampa to Naples. It gives Birch some more assets south of Tampa.

Birch refinanced recently to make room for another acquisition. I guess this was the one.

IN other acquisition news, a Carl Icahn company made a bid for Broadview Networks, according to Telecom Ramblings.

Cincinnati Bell's CyrusOne Files to do IPO. It will use the proceeds to pay off debt for Cyrus One, the ILEC's data center division. There was talk of it being arranged as a real estate investment trust like Digital Realty and DuPont Fabros. I guess it all depends on what Morgan Stanley tells them to do.

TechCrunch reported, "Colt Technology Services made an M&A move deeper into the cloud. They have acquired the channel-focused cloud platform provider ThinkGrid. ThinkGrid's network of 200+ resellers and ISVs will give Colt more options in addressing the SME marketplace." This is just another example of a telco buying channel partners, skills, revenue and a portfolio for a push into cloud services.

Andy Abramson blogged the question, "Did PhonePower Acquire Broadvoice?" They both have the same address, but that could just be a cost saver.

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