More Music Chairs in Telecom

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More Music Chairs in Telecom

There has been an awful lot of layoffs, let-go's, downsizing and right-sizing in our industry in the last couple of years. With the impending Comcast-TWC merger and the subsequent M&A from ATT (w/DirecTV) and Sprint (with T-Mobile), there will be about 50K more folks looking for a new position.

Garrett Smith left VoIP Supply to start his own company, Pitch + Pivot in Buffalo.

XO has named a new Channel head. Bill Hooper has been named Vice President of the XO Business Partner Channel after working at CenturyLink, MCI and WilTel. Hooper replaces Shane McNamara.

Tom Gorey, who used to head up channel at XO as well is now at Integra.

Michael Jerich left Level3 for Intelepeer. He was running the channel at Global Crossing before the merger and assumed the role at L3.

Kirk Horton is now running / starting up the partner business of IPR Secure, an IT company. Horton was previously at TELX, where the sales - both direct and indirect - had a shake up last year.

Joe Schiavone is just one of the few personnel changes that occurred last year at FreedomVoice. Schiavone is now running the channel program at Voxox. Tristan Barnum of Switchvox fame is VP of Marketing there.

Justin Chugg did the opposite of many people; he went from master agent (Telarus) to service provider (Vocal IP Networx). Quite a few went from SP to Master, where the pressure is different.

Many other people have changed jobs. Many companies - Broadvox, ANPI, Broadsoft to name a few - have changed out numerous personnel. To even say personnel sounds funny to me, since I think of employees as talent. It takes talent to build and grow a business.

Some of that talent has something important: domain knowledge. They know all the things that are the duct tape that keep business processes running - things that are rarely written down or recorded anywhere.

As all these personnel changes happen, I have to think about sports. Were the Tampa Bay Lightning better off after the Marty St. Louis trade? No. They traded A Team scoring talent for B Team. Is that what you are doing? Sure, you have VP's, Directors, Managers and worker bees, but is it an A Team?

Does this team foster winning results or do they just go through the motions?


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