Cisco Energy Tax Collector Goes Home Empty-handed

I have spoken extensively about the Cisco Energy Tax. It's all part of our commitment to give you the facts on what your Cisco network is really costing you (up to 64% more according to a new Tolly Group report) and how Nortel can lower your recurring monthly energy bill substantially.

Now the Nortel Energy Efficiency Calculator has gone public. You can calculate your savings for yourself, based on your specific environment. Just click here and start calculating.

The NEEC runs on Excel (backed by an extensive database), not on PowerPoint!

And customers like Prairie Cardiovascular Consultants, a nationally-recognized leader in cardiovascular care, have first hand experience with the tool. "We used the Nortel Energy Efficiency Calculator and found we could save thousands of dollars over competing approaches over five years using Nortel's energy efficient products in our data and communications centers... the solution reduces the networking power requirements as well as those associated with cooling and facilities".
With energy costs escalating and increased awareness of environmental concerns, it's no surprise that the sight of the Cisco Energy Tax collector has hit a raw nerve with many enterprises.

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