Cisco Energy Tax No Joking Matter

You may have seen our recent ads on, for example, CNN.

Nicknamed the 'Nortel Piles' and 'Nortel Holes' commercials, these ads talk to the piles of money enterprises are wasting on the Cisco Energy Tax, and on the leakage of IT budget through the holes created by the Cisco Energy Tax.

They are clever and get the message across: You can save 40% on your energy bill by moving from Cisco to Nortel.

The commercials are not just clever marketing, but reflect the facts as verified by the Tolly Group.

In fact, enterprises around the world have collectively spent an estimated $6.1 billion more on energy expenses in the last five years than they needed to. And the environmental impacts are huge.

So how much are you paying? You can now work it out yourself.

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Go Nortel...

It's a creative and competitive edge, and it's good to see
industry taking a responsible position on energy.

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