Cisco's Human Network Effect: Taxes and CO2 Emissions

I admire truth in advertising.

And the Cisco human network effect is hugely .....NEGATIVE... when it comes to CO2 emissions.


Across some 500 million Cisco enterprise ports globally, Cisco is adding an additional 11.5 MILLION metric tons of CO2, that wouldn't be added to the atmosphere if those ports were Nortel. That is equivalent to 656 BILLION miles (over a trillion kilometers) of travel in small cars or 23 MILLION cars at 30,000 miles per year!!!!

Are these numbers too big to relate to?

Say you have a 2,500 user network with GigE desktops and IP telephony, and are using Cisco and then switch to Nortel switches. The CO2 emissions savings would be 7106 metric tons. This is equivalent to 150 large cars or 249 small cars driven 100,000 miles each over 5 years. This is about 23 Kilograms per network port per year (7106 Metric tons/2500/5*1000).

Don't believe me. Check out the Nortel Energy Efficiency Calculator yourself.

The impact goes well beyond green considerations and is hitting the bottom lines of literally millions of businesses.

In fact, over a five-year period, businesses worldwide are spending $6.1-billion more in energy costs to power and cool Cisco networks than they would have had they used a comparable Nortel solution.

What you decide to do impacts all of us!

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