Save Twice on the Cisco Energy Tax

I've written extensively about the Cisco energy tax.

We have run into tow type of situations.
1. Enterprises with Green initiatives and someone who is accountable, immediately embrace 40% lower energy efficiency with Nortel (over Cisco) and start asking all the right questions (e.g. "Are we really best served by putting all our networking investments in Cisco's coffers?")
2. Others understand the Cisco energy tax but come back that they don't see or own the monthly energy bill, and so they don't have the budgetary impetus to change what they are doing.

Last week, we neatly addressed the latter type of customer with a win-win offer. Specifically, if you are a first time Nortel data buyer in North America, you could get an energy saving credit towards equipment purchases, based on your first year energy savings.

How is this credit calculated? Based on the Nortel Energy Efficiency Calculator, of course. And you can see what your credit would be by running through the calculator yourself.

In this way, you can double the energy saving benefits of Nortel data solutions - first in the upfront credit which improves your IT budget line, and then through reduced energy consumption improving your enterprise's bottom-line.

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