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Altigen's iFusion: Fuses the Desk Phone & iPhone

The smartphone and tablet are taking the world by storm and this information isn’t lost on Altigen Communications the company who literally revolutionized the communications space in the nineties by merging the best of the PC and telephone into an...

Avaya, Altigen Going After Nortel Customers

 Yahoo search for term NortelDo a Yahoo search on Nortel and you see ads from Microsoft and Avaya which are quite friendly. Microsoft for example directs you to its People Ready Business site where it pushes its relationship with Nortel...

Refurbished iPhones

What could be better than an iPhone in a slowing economy? how about a less expensive, "previously owned" iPhone which will cost $199 for 4GB and $249 for 8GB. The good news is these phones will be offered by...

Altigen News

Big news over at Altigen. Jerry Fleming who ran the Vonexus division of Interactive Intelligence is at Altigen now and will focus on building the US operations of the company. I haven’t had a chance to talk with Jerry yet...

Altigen Buyout Offer

Reuters reports today that Ten Pine Advisors LLC raised its bid for Altigen to $2.03 per share or $30.5 million.   Disclosure: I own shares in Altigen...

VoIP News This Week May 2006

There was a moderate amount of VoIP activity this week. AltiGen, Avaya (News - Alert), Verso, Yahoo! and Bell Canada are some of the notable companies.Some specifics:Avaya announced on Wednesday that it was selected to participate with nine other companies in...
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