VoIP News This Week May 2006

There was a moderate amount of VoIP activity this week. AltiGen, Avaya (NewsAlert), Verso, Yahoo! and Bell Canada are some of the notable companies.

Some specifics:

Avaya announced on Wednesday that it was selected to participate with nine other companies in a $4 billion U.S. Army project to upgrade voice and data communications infrastructures of the agency’s bases worldwide. The Infrastructure Modernization (IMOD) contract will support the Army’s Installation Information Infrastructure Modernization Program (I3MP) with a single integrated communications system that will combine voice, data, inside/outside cable plant and transmission products and services.

iBasis announced on Wednesday that it was tapped by Yahoo! to provide international call termination for the Yahoo! Messenger with Voice service. The move will enable Yahoo! to offer Yahoo! Messenger with Voice users with the ability to place and receive international PC-to-Phone calls over iBasis’ global VoIP network at lower rates.

In addition, Bell Canada, Nortel (NewsAlert) and NewHeights Software introduced this week the Bell Canada Personal Communication Manager (PCM) system, a PC-based soft-client combo of voice, messaging and multimedia communications integrated into a single interface that can be used in the office or while working remotely.

It seems the industry was pretty busy all week.

By the way, I hope your holiday weekend is fantastic (hether or not you get Monday off). I hope you have a great weekend with lots of fun and relaxation. I am on a train and can’t wait to get home and see the family.

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