Google vs MSFT in Enterprise

In my interview with Rich Tehrani of TMCnet (Hyperconnectivity Is Permeating Everything), I was asked how Google, Apple and Microsoft change the telecom space? I replied that in enterprise, of the three, Microsoft is the most significant change agent (in telecom) with its entry into unified communications as a software application. Google is certainly a company to watch and an innovation powerhouse. However, its Google Apps is still a feature-poor second cousin to Office. I then went on to say that Nortel has a vision of software-centric UC (contrasted with Cisco’s network-centric approach), and is executing on this vision through the Nortel Microsoft Innovative Communications Alliance.

Since the interview (see the news item), Microsoft upped the ante against Google in enterprise search, by agreeing to acquire Fast Search & Transfer ASA for $1.2 billion.

I hadn’t heard of Fast before this, but this will certainly help MSFT in this critical market segment.

It will be interesting to watch how Google (never to be discounted) will increase its relevance in the enterprise market.

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