Hyperconnectivity: The Internet of Things

Great set of articles crossed my desk on connecting a broad range of sensors in various forms.

We've all heard about and probably used toll-collection tags, security access key cards and retail tags, but many new apps are coming our way.

For example,
How about the first WiFi pacemaker that allows the doctor to monitor its performance? Could be life saving.

How about RFI-embedded poker chips that allow the casino to track winnings? The table always wins in the long run.

How about an app that tracks thousands of GPS-enabled cell phones, analyzes the data and returns traffic reports? Anything that helps me waste less time the better.

How about RFID tagged tools that warn you if you don't return all tools to your truck before you leave a work site? Not having the tool you need when you need it costs time and money.

By 2014, ABI Research estimates that the business of new apps willalmost be as big as the business of traditional apps.

Very exciting prospects for Hyperconnectivity!

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