Is Hyperconnectivity Broken?

Certainly not.

But Larry Roberts, one of the founding fathers of the Internet, says that the Internet, the underlying fabric of Hyperconnectivity, is.

He suggests that traditional routers, such as those from Cisco and Juniper, just don't have the price/performance required to support Hyperconnectivity, the "exploding network of people, computing and things" (my term).

Larry suggests that you need flow-based routing to solve the problem, basically bringing back virtual circuits (introduced back in the mid-70s) to the packet world (and also visible in label switching or MPLS). The difference lies in leveraging the inherent flow-based nature of Internet traffic.

Larry's gone off and started another company, called Anagran, to deliver what he thinks is needed.

What has always amazed me about Larry is the ability to converge technology and business ideas in his head? Maybe he's on to something.

In the meantime, we can only hope that the Internet, faced with explosive growth in video and addressing, is not at the edge of its demise (a prediction that has come up every decade or so, fortunately to no avail).

Hyperconnectivity depends on it!

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