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Alan Sulkin, an experienced market watcher, has published his 2Q09 North American view on IP Telephony market shares, putting Cisco at #1 and Avaya and Nortel as #2 and #3 respectively.

According to Alan, Nortel + Avaya, if no other bidders submit bids by the end of the week, would be #1 with a combined 27% vs 21% share for Cisco.

A couple of other interesting points:

The market 'rebounded' by some 10%, a positive indicator of CIO mindsets on economic recovery.

This may be Alan's last IP Telephony share analysis as he argues that all PBXs support IP in some form and so the IP PBX designation is no longer relevant. He will be talking just PBX market share going forward. Alan could have argued this almost 5 years ago.

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