Service Agility Demands Openness

The focus of this blog is hyperconnectivity and the enterprise, and that has to include your customers.

Matt Clark, a Principal with Deloitte Financial Advisory Services, had an interesting perspective. What he observes is that consumer experiences with mobile apps "will only increase consumers' expectations to be in control of the decision-making when it comes to the services they want." (Sorry the URL has gone.)

Nothing can be closer to the truth! And the expectations will extend to whatever service delivery channel the consumer prefers: in person, over the phone, through a mobile device or from his/her PC.

Three important requirements need to be considered:
1. Degree of customization: how valued is the relationship with the customer and what is it worth to the business?
2. Degree of personalization: Matt talks about control- so what degree of personalization is offered to the customer to satisfy his needs and preferences?
3. Degree of differentiation: How will your business differentiate itself in the marketplace?

While point solutions are always a possibility, the savvy hyperconnected enterprise looks at technologies as enablers of more engaging and differentiable services. What does this imply in practical terms: agile communication and application environments which are software-centric, multi-vendor and cross-domain, and open.

What to avoid: single vendor, vertically integrated and network-centric technologies that will constrain service innovation.

How are your customer service strategies changing with customer expectations?

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