Converge In Real-time

With Hyperconnectivity, the diversity of traffic on enterprise networks expands significantly and includes latency- and bandwidth-intensive applications associated with person-to-person, person-to-machine and machine-to-machine communications.

Delivering end-to-end real-time performance for UC users and for time-sensitive sensor/actuator applications is a key challenge. Time-sensitive applications must operate within an end-to-end delay window (150 msec for human communications, but potentially much less for telemetry). These applications can’t tolerate packet loss because there’s no time to retransmit.

This drives the deployment of comprehensive traffic-management mechanisms (including QoS) to ensure that real-time traffic always receives priority treatment even in the presence of data traffic bursts. While achieving this across the bandwidth-rich LAN environment is relatively straight forward, doing it across WLANs additionally requires low-latency seamless-roaming and application-based load balancing across APs. Achieving real-time performance across the WAN mandates the elimination of speed bumps when crossing the MAN and the WAN by leveraging technologies such as carrier-grade Ethernet.

Is your network ready to support a broad range of real-time applications?

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