Microsoft Virtualization announcement: one side of the coin

Consolidation, centralization and virtualization of storage and processing are the generally accepted paths to increased agility, to lower TCO and to the greening of IT.

With Microsoft making its virtualization play, the focus will shift during the remainder of the decade from servers and storage virtualization in the data center to virtualization in the network, to meet business, organizational and governance requirements; for example, federations across partners and suppliers; common infrastructures across separate entities; and security, sensor and telemetry domains in a hyperconnected enterprise.

I'm not talking about just partitioning a router or firewall device. I'm talking about a new level of virtualization that allows dynamically controllable isolation of routing, security and performance of multiple logical network topologies on a single IP network.

Inherent in this concept is the ability to configure intelligent services on a just-in-time basis without the inherent delays of stacking, cabling and configuring racks and racks of equipment.

What's your take on virtualization in your real world environment?

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