Hyperconnectivity Cs and Os

Last week, I presented a keynote at ITExpo in Miami.

I joked with Rich Trehani, after he introduced me, that the conference should be renamed from “Internet Telephony Expo” to “In-transition Technologies Expo”. Why? Because there are huge things happening in the industry that will transform corporations and government agencies into Hyperconnected Enterprises (yes, the theme of this blog!).

In case you missed it, Hyperconnectivity is a growing megatrend through which everyone and everything that can benefit from being connected to the network will be connected. But it’s not panacea, and comes with its challenges.

This table nicely summarizes the challenges and opportunities of Hyperconnectivity.


These drive everything from network simplification while delivering improved network resilience, better network performance and lower TCO; to telecom and UC as an application and communications enabled applications in a SOA environment.

Sure, you can use this at the front end of your next strategic plan.

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