Month: September 2005

Plantronics Voyager 510S

I have been using the Plantronics Voyager 510S for over a month. I have used the headset every day and
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Marc Benioff has found more ways to keep his name in the news and that of his company than virtually
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Travel Day

I’ve got a really busy travel schedule today and may not be able to blog as much as usual. The
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Tissot High-T

I just purchased a Tissot High-T watch. It is probably the most sophisticated watch I have ever seen and I
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WiFi vs. Electricity

While WiFi speeds get faster and faster one has to wonder if there will be any competition to WiFi networks
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Google And NASA Shoot for The Stars

If there is one thing you must credit Google with it is building momentum. The company is in the news
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Slaying Dragons

Check out this cool webinar I am involved with. Someone who participates in this webinar will get a Bose Wave
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Comcast Service

There may be big problems with customer service at Comcast. I keep hearing complaints from people who use their VoIP
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GBH Buys CommuniTech

Tomorrow, those people not reading my blog will learn that GBH purchased CommuniTech. Von Bedikian the founder of GBH and
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Drivesavers Saving Disks

Here is a photo of a company called DriveSavers helping to save hard disks from the floods in Katrina’s aftermath.
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