Slaying Dragons

Check out this cool webinar I am involved with. Someone who participates in this webinar will get a Bose Wave Radio. I was among the first to purchase a Bose Acoustic Wave radio – back in 1987 or so. This was a great radio to take to a field and listen to while you throw a Frisbee around. Better yet an Aerobie.

On another note – I worked for 5 years in the mailroom at TMC so I could purchase stereo system for over $2,000 when I was 13. No I am not kidding. You got a lot for $2,000 back then but those diamond styli (not the ones you use with a  PDA – these were placed on the surface of the record) were killers – so expensive. Every summer and vacation, I was working here at TMC. I purchased a pair of Bose 901 speakers for $650. The speakers were recalled a few years back and for a nominal fee Bose gave me new 901s. I still have them.

Boy did I digress. Here is the info on the web seminar. Pretty unusual approach to web seminars. Don’t you think? I wonder if I am eligible to win this radio… Probably not. Too bad.

Going Beyond "Monolithic and Safe" to Succeed with VoIP

The Art & Science of Dragon Slaying… an IT Chief and Contact Center Manager’s Guide for a VoIP Strategy that Delivers Tangible, Definitive Results.  

October 13, 2005, 1:30-2:30 PM EST.

The "Dragons" have been around almost since Bell‘s first telecom words were spoken in 1876. These dragons continue to unduly burden customers with lagging technology, high support costs, un-interoperable product offerings, and a story of futures that sounds almost fairy tale-like. In this no-cost webinar, learn from three industry experts: Rich Tehrani -President of TMC, the leading source for IP telephony and contact center news and information; Art Schoeller-is a senior analyst with the Yankee Group’s Customer Relationship Strategies advisory service; and Dr. Donald Brown -three-time successful software company founder, and CEO of Interactive Intelligence -a leading innovator of global business communications solutions. Topics to be covered include:

Why breaking free from the status quo is essential for your success.  

Three "S" factors: Security, Scalability, and Standards  

IP Telephony application trends — far beyond screen pops and dialers . 

The process to properly evaluate IP Telephony products and their impact on your business.

Attend and you are registered in a drawing for a Bose Wave Radio II engineered to a bold new standard for crisper, more accurate sound. The Wave® Radio II is simple to operate and small enough to use almost anywhere in your home. Attend and receive a free copy of the "IP Telephony and the Interaction Center Platform" White Paper.

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