Day: March 1, 2006

VoIP VP of Marketing Looking to Switch

If you are looking for an experienced VP of Sales & Marketing with years of enterprise VoIP equipment experience in
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Dinosaurs and VoIP

I am a self-proclaimed dinosaur nut and when I saw an article from Greg Galitzine equating dinosaurs with VoIP I
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Net Neutrality Article

If you are trying to get a handle on the impending net neutrality debate in Congress, read this article from
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Vonage Crosses 1.5 Million Line Mark

You have got to give the company immense amounts of credit for this accomplishment. Nice going Vonage. At this rate
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Tom Keating reports that a new company called Ether has found a way for bloggers and other people with something
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News From the Blogs

Andy Abramson alerted me to a controversy between AMD and Intel that centers around conferencing in Skype. It seems that
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