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Andy Abramson alerted me to a controversy between AMD and Intel that centers around conferencing in Skype. It seems that AMD feels Intel has coerced Skype into adding functionality on Intel but not AMD chips. If this is true, it is a pretty smart move by Intel. Of course I am not sure of the antitrust implications as I suppose AMD would have to prove that they couldn’t get Skype to make a similar deal with them. Perhaps Intel didn’t use its dominant market position to pull off this deal but instead came up with this idea and approached Skype first. It was well over a year ago that Intel execs told me they wanted to work more closely with Skype – seems like they finally have.

Om Malik breaks some news about the CMO of Vonage leaving. This is the same CMO responsible for the famous WooHoo song in the ads. Will Vonage be OK without Ex CMO Dean Harris? One tip, give Quentin Tarantino a call and try to get an idea of the songs in his upcoming movie. Use one of them in all future ads.

Al Bredenberg reports that Apple is further encroaching on the living room with the iPod Hi-Fi a combination speaker that works with the iPod. Apple calls it a digital lifestyle device and I am sure we will see more of such devices from the company. The price is $50 more than a similar Bose unit at $349.

  • Moritz
    March 1, 2006 at 11:32 am

    Apple is also preparing to merge VoIP features into its next next iPod. Red Herring already published a paper about it. It currently is a rumor though.

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