Day: April 10, 2006

Worse than Network Neutrality

If the whole concept of network neutrality not being enforced is enough to make your head spin, something like this
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Call Center 2.0 Sponsor

TMC’s new Call Center 2.0 conference is off to a strong start… We are putting together the conference content of
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TMCnet Podcast

Check out the latest TMC podcast with Aculab’s David Duffet. Here are some of the topics being discussed:   ACE (Aculab
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Milliondollarhomepage decline

New Page 1 It seems like the million dollar home page hysteria is dying down a bit. While the page
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Comverse Acquires Netcentrex

On page 34 of the April 10 issue of BusinessWeek is a table consisting of companies with too much cash
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