Month: June 2006

Warren Buffet’s E-mail Address

I wrote about Warren Buffet writing a nice letter to TMCnet’s Tracey Schelmetic a while back. He was very complimentary.
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Voice Peering Forum

I am here today at the Voice Peering Forum at Chelsea Piers. It was a pretty muggy commute but thankfully
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Net Neutrality Today

This story has all the juicy details any story could want… Corruption, money, politics, and even religion… Wait, how did
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Cisco Security Flaw

If you are using a number of wireless products made by Cisco you will likely want to read this article
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Vonage: It’s the Little Things

Little things like soft client support and support for phones such as these are why Vonage is a superior VoIP
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Training the American Wife or Husband

Perhaps there would be less divorces in the world if people started to use these techniques once reserved for use
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Things to do Today

Go to Home DepotBuy WoodBuy NailsBuy Power ToolsBuy Staple GunBuy Grout and SealantsBuy Latex PaintDrive HomeBuild Ark Either Al Gore
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supercalifragilisticexpi – SIP – idocious

Here is my unedited Outlook from the July 2006 issue of SIP Magazine.   ———-   The proliferation of contact
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  Here is my High Priority columns from the July 2006 issue of Customer Interaction Solutions Magazine. Enjoy. I have
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A CNBC Morning

This morning on CNBC I woke up to talk about net neutrality and an analyst who said Google makes a
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