Day: November 30, 2007

IP Communications Week in Review November 30, 2007

This past week in IP communications was full of news from companies like Voxalot, iBasis, Vonage, Polycom and more. My
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XV6800: Why Verizon Wireless Opened Up

There could not be a happier person on the face of the earth than I regarding Verizon Wireless opening up
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Online Advertising: a Problem of Plenty

I ran across this article from BtoBOnline which talks about how much data online advertising generates and discuses some ways
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Google to Bid on 700 MHz Spectrum

While it is not really a surprise at this point, Google will be bidding on the 700 MHz spectrum auction
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The Second Sprint Merger That Wasn’t

Most in the blogosphere seemed to think a Google acquisition of Sprint was unlikely and although I agree the businesses
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Microsoft Billion Dollar Web Loss

I was reading an article from explaining how Microsoft is losing over a billion dollars a year online.  
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