Day: January 29, 2009

Amazon Net Grows 9% in Latest Quarter

Amazon continues to perform and the company has shown it is dominant in the world of ecommerce. For the year,
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Nortel Puts Another Nail in WiMAX Coffin

Nortel just announced it is discontinuing its WiMAX offering which was supplied by Israeli company Alvarion. The company says these
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The Need for Face-to-Face Meetings

I would obviously agree wholeheartedly with Alan Percy that face-to-face meetings are essential for business to get done. Yes, there
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iPhone Apps For Developers

I came across this overview of developer tools for the iPhone and it well written and informative. Some of these
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Recessions and WiMAX

Ari Zoldan has an interesting perspective on the future of WiMAX and how it will hold up in a slowing
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