Month: September 2010

Early Morning Star Trek Geekiness

For those of you who are drinking your coffee this morning pondering the evolution of Star Trek warp jumps (
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Dear Government, Please Stop “Helping” Us

I have said before that the Obama administration has been the most anti-business of any administration I have ever seen.
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Apple, Sony, Microsoft, Google and ITEXPO News September 1, 2010

It has been an extremely exciting week again for tech news and moreover for me personally as I got a
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Goldman’s Interest in Green IPO Helps Obama Relationship

I read with tremendous interest about Goldman Sachs and their unusual interest in PetroAlgae, a company in the renewable energy
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Alcatel-Lucent Outlines Next Generation Communications

Having recently purchased a Sony Dash which I still need to take out of the box, I am obviously intrigued
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