Day: January 31, 2011

ITEXPO East 2011 Kickoff Video

Erik Linask kicks off the show with a description of what’s happening so far at ITEXPO East 2011 in Miami,
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3-6 Months Worth of IPV4 Addresses Left

If you are very good for the holidays, Santa (or the respective figure in your religion who is responsible for
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ITEXPO East 2011 Night Video

YouTube Video I am here in Miami getting ready for ITEXPO East 2011. I wanted to show you the skyline
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Google Uses Phone to Reconnect Egypt to Internet

Recently I discussed the purchase of SayNow by Google – a voice platform company complete with an API. Now, Google
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ITEXPO East 2011 Behind The Scenes

ITEXPO East 2011 here in Miami begins officially in two days – but tomorrow has become a worthy conference day
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ITEXPO East 2011 Jan 31 Show Daily

Here is the show daily from ITEXPO East 2011 in Miami, Monday, January 31st, 2011. We look forward to seeing
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