Day: July 30, 2012

Use it and Lose it: No Shared Hotspots At London Olympics

Of course having hundreds of thousands of hotspots operating at once and being shared by many users and/or devices could
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Liter of Light Turns Plastic Bottles into Solar Light

What is one of the most ingenious, low-tech inventions you never heard of but which has the potential to brighten
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In Defense of Capitalism

I am fortunate to have watched my father at a young age start TMC – the company where I am
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In Order to Compete with Apple, You Need to BE Apple

The idea that Google, a company with an incredible business model, allowing them to potentially profit off every query they
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Apple in NYC Makes Offers You Can’t Refuse

Is it better to have an Apple store in your mall which doesn’t share revenue or not have them at
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