Day: September 4, 2012

Business Insider: Super WiFi a Billion Dollar Market

I read with interest news from the Business Insider touting the Super WiFi Market as a huge thing for 2013.
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How Much Freedom Have we Given up Since 9/11?

Peter Radizeski and I have very different political views but where wesee 100% eye-to-eye is on how much privacy we
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Top Spiderman Gadgets and Games

Check out TMC’s take on the latest Spiderman games and tech. Talk about cloud computing . Watch this very cool
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Latest ITEXPO Video Ad is Out!

Part of the fun of running conferences is working on new ad ideas and although the latest  video advertisement for
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Is Hotel WiFi About to Start Sucking?

I like to see myself as the glass is half-full kind of person but I really try to be realistic
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Songza is a Solid Music Streaming Service

I’ve been testing Songza’s music streaming service for a few weeks now and it seems to be the best place
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