Author: Rich Tehrani

Heading Back From Speech-World

I am heading back today and am on an American flight bound for NY at the moment (I am looking
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Skype Affiliate Program

The next telecom gold rush it seems is affiliate programs and Vonage and all other VoIP companies have them. Except
Read More and Merrill Lynch

If there is a more prestigious customer than the world’s largest investment house for a company like, I am
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IPCC AT Supercomm

Here is what the IPCC and it’s head Michael Khalilian are up to at Supercomm this year. I am on
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Broadband Competition

I had to share this — it is a post on an e-mail list from When the 21st Century
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Just Got to Speech-World

I am so addicted to blogging that when I don’t do it for a few days, I really feel withdrawal.
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Nicole Sara Tehrani

My new daughter was born last Thursday and she has medium blue eyes which was quite a shock — seeing
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Expect a huge announcement this week from There is a major press conference Tuesday in NYC. Marc Benioff will
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911 Report Card

With all the talk of 911 lately I thought it important to share this information on a report about 911
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LA Times VoIP Story

Here is a well-written piece on the FCC and 911/VoIP. Lots of good research, quotes, etc. I was quoted as
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