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Last week, I met with an investment bank, who was very impressed with our UC application solutions for its Sametime environment. The focus of our discussion was around Nortel's Agile Communication Environment (ACE), our solution for both Sametime integration and communications enabled applications.

During the lively discussion with the institution's networking, desktop and application folks, it became clear that UC presence alone was of limited business value compared to context-enhanced UC.

For example, the stock price drops- knowing a financial analyst is on the phone may be of little value, but knowing that the analyst is speaking to a client who has shares in the stock has great value.

ACE, SOA-enabled communications integration middleware, can be used to deliver this additional context to the business process.

The bank was also interested in ACE as a toolkit, which would allow its application developers to leverage its capabilities with its home grown applications.

The institution is in a highly competitive market. Time is literally money. Nortel ACE brings context, not just presence, to the bank, which means shorter time to decision.

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