Nortel ACE's Avaya SIP App Server

Avaya made some noise at its recent analyst conference about its SIP App Server, an enterprise retrofit of its Ubiquity offer for carriers.

Should you be interested?

Not if you are interested in....
• Products today (Avaya is talking about 2009)
• Multi-vendor environments (Avaya is paying lip service to multi-vendor, but there's no reference to anything but Avaya)
• Integration with your SOA environment (nothing here for you since this was designed for carriers)
• Development toolkits ("will eventually open it up to ISVs and customers")

In contrast, the Nortel Agile Communication Environment (ACE) is ....
• A shipping product with announced customers like HSBC
• Multi-vendor out-of-the-box and interworking with Nortel Communications Servers, Microsoft OCS, IBM Sametime, Cisco CUCM and Tandberg video (interoperability with Avaya infrastructure is coming out soon)
• Integrated with Websphere Application Server and with Microsoft environments
• A foundation for pre-packaged applications (such as hot-desking), customized communications-enabled applications and a toolkit for enterprise, SIs and ISV application developers.

Finally, Avaya is just now folding communications-enabled apps into its UC organization, so integration of their SIP App Server with UC may take a while.

On the other hand, Nortel totally subscribes to the view promoted by UC Strategies, a consortium of industry analysts, that Unified Communications is "communications integrated to optimize business processes". That's why ACE is tightly integrated with Nortel's UC solutions (our own and those developed with Microsoft and IBM).

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