IBM On Hyperconnectivity and The Global Recovery

Sam Palmisano, IBM Chairman and CEO. recently spoke on the reality of global integration. While he didn't explicitly mention Hyperconnectivity, he did say that "we are all now connected--economically, technically and socially."

Hyperconnectivity not only brings together people, but also the physical and digital worlds. This transformation can help us manage assets better, whether these assets are energy, or fresh water, or a supply chain or the delivery of healthcare. It can also help work smarter together, avoiding travel and associated environmental impacts.

But things don't change just because the technology exists.

The good news, according to Palmisano, is that citizens, governments, small business and large enterprises alike are all starting to see the need to make it happen.

On commenting on the speech, Frank Dzubeck raised the question: will technology drive global recovery?

I sure hope so and with that positive thought I wish you all the best for 2009.

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