Is Hyperconnectivity a Constitutional Right?

With only 5% of music downloads resulting in any cash exchange, copyright owners (artists, musicians, record studios and so on) are rightfully concerned.

But what to do? The French Government is taking a rather unique approach.

In France, there has been a raging debate over what is called the proposed 'three strikes law', whereby any Internet user observed as undertaking what are deemed illegal file transfers would be disconnected (on the third incident), UNILATERALLY. Interesting that a baseball analogy is being applied in a country obsessed with European football, sailing and everything but!

But a recent constitutional ruling states that, "under the 1789 (French) Declaration of the Rights of Man, only a judge should have the power to disconnect individuals from the Internet".

So French plans are being debated further.

Whether this flies or not, this is a serious challenge for lawmakers, with many cultural institutions at risk.

One good outcome to-date- Hyperconnectivity has been accepted a a constitutional right, at least in France.

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